The CONTROL suite of products work together and are designed to make the job of managing and controlling your projects run more smoothly.  Your valuable time will not be spent attacking problems with your software rather than enhancing your company's bottom line.

Control CSControl-CS™

Control 'Client-Server' is our Flagship product which allows you to manage software on any server connected to the network.  With its visual interface you can use your PC see at a glance what is the root source on your archive versus what is on any working area on any server.  It also facilitates use of PC tools to edit and compile your work.



The command line interface for CS provides a facility to marshal a set of correct sources when doing batch builds.  CLCS runs on the same set of servers as CONTROL-CS and accesses the same software archive.


Control LogoControl™

This is our original version control product designed specifically for HP NonStop.  Still used by many clients, it can simultaneously access the same archive as Control-CS.


Genesis LogonciGENESIS™

Designed for HP NonStop, this build engine has been described as 'make' on steroids.  Of course it has built-in version control, but also can perform dependency analysis on the sources.  In other words, it knows if you change a header file.  It finds all the sources that references that header and ensures they all get rebuilt.  It also uses parallel thread to build many times faster than otherwise could be done.


Compare LogoCompare™

NCI's COMPARE is an HP NonStop command line program to compare two files.  It uses correlation technology to reduce false matches and miss-compares that tend to 'confuse' other similar utilities.


nciSync LogoNCI-Sync™

NCI-Sync works in concert with a 'file replication' product to keep CONTROL™ or CONTROL-CS™ archives on two HP NonStop nodes in synchronization, and ready for use, in real time.

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