COMPAREā„¢ description

COMPARE is an HP NonStop NSK-only utility program that identifies the  differences between files or segments of files. It can be used to compare text files, entry-sequenced files, object or unstructured files. The product has two different modes of comparison:

  • matching the files as they exist.
  • matching the files as they would exist if all comments and white space were removed. (COMPARE understands comments in TAL, C. COBOL, JAVA & HTML languages.)
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NCI's COMPARE uses extensive correlation technology to reduce false matches and miss-compares that tend to 'confuse' other similar utilities. COMPARE can identify additions, deletions and modifications.

The user can select one of several output modes that fit the particular need:

  • List the complete file with modifications marked, and the comparison statistics.
  • List only the modifications themselves and the comparison statistics.
  • List the comparison statistics: the number of adds, modifies and deletes.

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