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Do you have everything under CONTROL?

Hundreds of the worlds largest corporations, institutions and governments use CONTROL to protect and manage their software on
HP NonStop servers.

Flexible, Reliable & Installs in Minutes

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Manage version control over files, projects and entire systems.

  • Protect files with industrial strength security and reliability
  • Store all your vital software -- source, objects, documents, etc.
  • Organize software in an object oriented manner
  • Ensure full referential integrity
  • Determine dependencies for languages from COBOL to JAVA
  • Reproduce any version of your source and executables
  • Maintain a source & object repository with cross references
  • Provide a full audit trail for the life cycle of your software
  • and more


Included with CONTROL is NCI's Merge tool.  Merge uses a base file plus two changed files as input.  Output shows where the two sets of changes interfere or are isolated.  The result is also a merged file with the best set of changes applied to the base.

Product Relationships
       NSK Platform - Guardian Personality

Nci Product Relationship

Control CS

CONTROL Software Management and Library System provides a full-spectrum configuration management system. It is very flexible, easily tailored to meet user needs. Users include major
banks, securities markets, retailers, hospitals, communications companies, and software houses, totaling more than 400 in North America, Europe, and Asia.

CONTROL is offered on a
no-risk, trial basis

For multi-platform systems, including HP NonStop NSK, NonStop OSS, UNIX and Windows, see CONTROL-CS

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