The latest release of our products is 8.03
Visit here often to see what's happening with our company and products.  If you want to get more details of what changed in a particular release, download specific product release notes.

Top Stories

  • May 2022
    Version 8.03 Released
    This is a service release of Control-CS.  Working with a customer, a few minor issues were resolved and some code was made more resilient.
  • February 2022
    Version 8.02c Released
    This is a service release correcting a few issues with Control-CS.
    All windows products test with Windows 11.
  • March 2021
    Version 8.02a Released
    Some of the issues addressed in 8.02 didn't correct every case of the problem. A few minor improvements were also added to Control and Control-CS.
  • Jan 2021
  • October 2021
    Version 8.02b Released
    Several problems where fixed including that older 8.02 Windows CS servers would not correctly run as a service process. A number of minor enhancements were also made to the CS client and underlying code was added for potential future improvements.
  • March 2021
    Version 8.02a Released
    Some of the issues addressed in 8.02 didn't correct every case of the problem. A few minor improvements were also added to Control and Control-CS.
  • Jan 2021
    Version 8.02 Released
    Much of the underlying code of all products has been modernized to correct several long standing problems, and also to use more modern interfaces to the supporting NSK operating systems. For instance, 64 bit file sizes are supported, and larger file transfers take place which should improve performance. The CS server had some issues which were fixed and improved. The CSUPCAT utility now has the ability to scan all Catalogs and run diagnostics on all Catalogs and Datafiles.
  • May 2020
    Version 8.01 with IPV6 Released
    Due to the global pandemic, many users needed to quickly transition to work at home solutions.
    At least one of our CONTROL-CS customers needed to connect using the IP version 6 protocol. Changing our products to work on a dual-stack protocol (using both IPV4 and IPV6) was something planned for the future, but we decided this was extremely important now.
    This release is substantially the same as Release 8.00 with the dual-stack internet protocol.
  • February 2020
    Version 8.00 Released
    This release outwardly has minor improvements and fixes. The reason for a major release scheme change is that much of the underlying code has been re-written to support 64 bit disk addressing and improved TCPIP communication. The goal is to prepare for support of extremely large traditional source and binary Datafiles and for future true object Datafiles.
  • April 2019
    Version 7.10 Released
    Release 7.10 is a replacement of all 7.09 releases. It includes all repaired issues and enhancements made in the 7.09 versions, plus it has new versions of the utilities DFUPGRD and CSUPCAT.
    All versions of 7.09 have been removed from the web site due to a serious problem in the utilities DFUPGRD and CSUPCAT which were distributed with those versions.
    Customers who might have used either of the problem utilities have been alerted and the situation has been
  • Earlier
    New Installation Files
    Responding to user requests all installation files (which are downloadble from this site) are now digitally signed and certified as being from Network Concepts, Inc. to ensure your security.
    The files have also been renamed to reflect the product and version. During runtime, checks are made within the wizard to verify you are installing the correct product with the matching license and system variant to avoid time consuming installation mistakes.
    Major Features
    -Nonstop x86 platform support. -All NCI products reworked to support 64bit platforms
    -CTFind program issued with CONTROL and CONTROL-CS
    -Some reports can be directed to result in XML output
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TCPIP - Version 6

There are no unassigned IPV4 addresses left!  With the new 5G phone service, use of IPV6 is inevitable.  Control-CS is ready.

NonStop X

The X86 Server has been big news for the NonStop community and NCI has kept up with the changing technology.
Several clients have been using our NSKx and OSSx servers for sometime now.

Windows11 64bit Clients

Besides some changes to adapt to Windows 10/11 since it's inception, we now support a 64bit version of the CONTROL-CS client.
If you're wondering how Windows fits in with our NonStop solution, take a look at Control-CS.

New ideas

With Version 8.02c now available, work has already begun on the next version of NCI's products.  If you have some ideas of how our products can be improved, now's the time to get in touch with us at sales@nci-sw.com.

We want to help you and others in the Control community.