nciGENESIS™ Description

Parallel MAKE and Job Stream Interpreter for HP NonStop Servers.

nciGENESIS is a goal-oriented job stream interpreter, a parallel MAKE and System Builder. You describe the job elements, the steps and the interdependencies between the elements using simple rules. nciGENESIS then determines the order and synchronization of individual steps.

 Like MAKE, nciGENESIS reduces system load by skipping redundant compilations.

Unlike MAKE, the automatic distribution of tasks to multiple HP NSK CPUs by nciGENESIS increases throughput via parallel operation and load distribution.  And nciGENESIS knows how to find file dependencies and how to directly extract file versions from the software archive that NCI's CONTROL and CONTROL-CS products create and manage.

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nciGENESIS insures consistent creation of complex software systems.  Errors in compilation or binding in one component do not cause nciGENESIS to halt the successful building of unaffected components.  nciGENESIS recognizes which system components already exist and which need to be rebuilt, giving it the ability to resume the building process after the cause of failure has been corrected. Unnecessary recompilations are automatically skipped without any need to modify the original job stream.

Although nciGENESIS was originally developed as a means of optimizing the task of recreating software systems, it can be used in any number of computer-related tasks; printing reports, making tapes, creating databases, etc. It provides a top-down design capability that reduces the impact of change and eliminates redundant steps.

nciGENESIS reduces system load by skipping repetitive compilations or other redundant tasks, while its multitasking capability increases system throughput by providing parallel operation and automatic load distribution. Its intelligent restart and recovery capability provides graceful error recovery and reduces operator intervention when jobs must be restarted.

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