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Software Management Solutions

Network Concepts, Inc. has made it possible for hundreds of the world's largest and most successful organizations to manage, control and safeguard their software for over three decades.  Shouldn't you enjoy the comfort of knowing that one of your most important assets -- your software -- is entrusted to the best?

Our Roots are HP NonStop

But we didn't stop there.  NCI has the only version control system native to HP NonStop, OSS, Linux, Windows, Oracle/Sun, IBM/Aix and HPUX.
You can even work interactively between dissimilar servers, comparing, editing and transferring between any servers running our software

Version Control Is Just the Beginning

Tracking changes in software is a vital function, but this alone doesn't begin to solve the many issues facing you in today's complex computer world. 

Trust - CONTROL, running on a NonStop server, provides the highest level of security for your archives.  The ability to easily deploy your software across all your platforms insures that every computer has the correct information at all times.

Organization - CONTROL's archives provide a flexible and secure means to group files into projects, subprojects and super-projects.

Visual - CONTROL-CS allows you to compare at a glance files you should have versus what you actually have.

So Much More - See more detailed product descriptions on how our solutions can give you:

  • Flexibility
  • Cross-Platform use
  • Remote Team Development
  • Project Analysis
  • System Building

Your Enterprise depends upon an ever changing wave of software.  NCI provides world-class solutions to Manage, Secure, Audit and Build your systems reliably and dependably.

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Windows 11 now supported!

Control-CS now supports both IPV6 as well as IPV4 protocols!

NonStop X and 64bit CS Clients now supported!

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